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Featured Releases

El Gran Concierto de Gala de Mariachi

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez
Assistant 5.1 Editing/Mix Engineer

Swarmius III: Trans-Classical

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez
Recording Engineer

Vanguard: Universal Law

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez

Upcoming Releases

Vanguard I

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez


Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez
Founder & Chief Engineer

William “Willy” Wonka
Moral Support

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About Vanguard Sound

Vanguard Sound is a home/project studio based in San Diego, California. The studio was founded Vanguard’s drummer, Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez, & offers pre-production, recording, mixing (in-house & online), producing, & sound design services.

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