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We offer recording, editing, mixing, producing, live sound, & sound design services for the music & film industry. Our services are offered in-house & online.

Session Work

If you need a session musician for your next project, contact us — we offer professionally-recorded drum & guitar parts to make your tracks sound amazing.

San Diego State University: Jazztecs (Featuring Charles McPherson)

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez, Edit/Mix Engineer (“Wayne Game”).

Swarmius III: Trans Classical

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez, Recording Engineer.

El Gran Concierto de Gala del Mariachi

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez, Assistant Edit/5.1 Mix Engineer

Vanguard: Universal Law

Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez, Producer


Jesus Alberto Dominguez-Valdez
Founder & Chief Engineer

William “Willy” Wonka
Moral Support

Vanguard Sound


Chula Vista, California
(619) 289-8305


Vanguard Sound is a recording studio based in Chula Vista, California. We offer recording, mixing, producing, live sound, & sound design services — in-house & online.

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