Universal Law

Release date: August 6, 2013
Album type: Single

Track Listing
Liner Notes


Track Listing

  1. Universal Law 📄


Universal Law

Music: C. Dominguez
Lyrics: J. Dominguez

Verse I

Drowned in impurities, this world seizes to amaze
New era of empire is bound to set ablaze
Nowhere to run, no you wouldn’t anyway
You trust too much, in things that die away
Deteriorated minds are ever seldom used
That trigger finger of yours is widely abused
What choice have I, as the Universal Law?
To make the fall of Earth the worst I can to all

Verse II

Your state of mind, confused without escape
Stained with stupidity as a false feeling of ecstasy
More to implore of those idiots you adore
Those false messiahs haven’t seen true pain at all
State of belligerence, as is with all your negligence
Pledged your allegiance to a damned and sinful world
The sentence chosen, found guilty of all charges
Spend life in misery, more years in Earth and you will see

Liner Notes

DrumsJesus A. Dominguez-Valdez
GuitarsChristian Dominguez
BassArturo J. Ortiz
VocalsMarcos Dominguez

Produced by Jesus A. Dominguez-Valdez. Recorded & and mixed by Jesus Dominguez at Vanguard Sound. Single production coordination by Marco A. Dominguez. Recorded & mixed August 2014 in San Diego, CA. Mastered by Jesus A. Dominguez-Valdez in Vanguard Sound.

Creative direction & cover artwork by Jesus A. Dominguez-Valdez.

Management: Marco A. Dominguez

℗ & © The Vanguard Company.