September 1-3, 2017: Festiarte – Tijuana, Baja California, México

Pre-Show Coverage



Tijuana, we will see you at Festiarte, el punto del arte at 06:00 PM!


VenueParque México
Doors06:00 PM
AgesAll Ages


Friday, September 1, 2017:
  • La Gorra Briaga
  • El Coo Cooi
  • Rotten Maniacs
  • Hipogrifos
  • 3 Pupilas
  • Vanguard
Saturday, September 2, 2017:
  • The Song Remains the Same, Led Zeppelin (film screening)
  • Sun of These Days
  • Casino
  • Torno
  • Nacion 5150
  • Tijuana Bullfight
  • Leonel Miguez
  • Alternaplay
  • Planeta Arboria
  • Lizmura
  • See Saturn
Sunday, September 3, 2017:
  • Valum Radio
  • Limerance
  • Mutant Beans
  • Memorias
  • Misterio
  • Myndrash
  • La Beat Cantina
  • La Cruz
  • Spurs ‘n’ Rockets
  • Arturo Ocampo
  • Jump to Infinity


Ticket Giveaway

This show is free, everybody wins this time.

Post-Show Coverage


  1. Mantis
  2. Badlands
  3. Shock Therapy
  4. Universal Law
  5. Night of the Undead
  6. Creeping Death (Metallica cover)


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