October 31, 2014: San Diego, California, United States

Pre-Show Coverage



Halloween season is (probably) the band’s favorite time of year to play shows; so much so that we actually played a show in costumes: Jesus was a monkey, Andrew was a banana, Marcos was a penguin, Christian was a Mexican Revolutionary, & Arturo was an invisible ghost (Marcos filled in for Arturo on bass).


VenueElectric Playground
Doors07:00 PM
AgesAll Ages


  • Chronemics
  • Kingdom of Lights
  • Vanguard
  • Vagabond


Ticket Giveaway

We’re sorry, this ticket giveaway has ended. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, you might just win next time.

Post-Show Coverage


  1. Shock Therapy
  2. Universal Law
  3. Angel Witch (Angel Witch cover)
  4. Stigmata
  5. Night of the Undead
  6. Legion


📸: The Vanguard Company Archives

Social Media

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