July 11, 2014: San Diego, California, United States

Pre-Show Coverage



The boys played their last show at a venue that would only stay open for another year.


Doors06:00 PM
AgesAll Ages


  • Shawshank Redeemed
  • Exit
  • Vanguard
  • Sacred Cow
  • Chronemics


Ticket Giveaway

We’re sorry, this ticket giveaway has ended. Keep an eye out for upcoming shows, you might just win next time.

Post-Show Coverage


  1. Slaves of Society
  2. From Dust to Dust
  3. Shock Therapy
  4. Killers (Iron Maiden cover)
  5. Stigmata


We don’t have any pictures from this show. Do you? Hit us up on Instagram if you do, we’d love to seem them!

Social Media

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San Diego metal band.

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